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We are opening during Easter holidays!

Japanese, Maylasian and Thai massagist are coming in  the following days.

Chinchin Asian Massage specialises in providing various spa treatments and high-end foot massage services. Our staff are composed of professional physiotherapists all proficient in various traditional and modern massage techniques and we can confidently say we have over 15 years of field experience.

Traditional massages assist in dredging the meridians, quickly relieving muscle pain, not to mention relaxation of the body and mind. Through addressing pressure points via practised techniques, we are able to alleviate tension and fatigue.
An essential oil massage helps accelerate blood circulation throughout the body, promoting metabolism so tenderly you are guaranteed to feel rejuvenated and reborn.

The store is complete with many facilities, an elegant and peaceful environment alongside accomodating masseurs more than ready to tend to your needs thus allowing you to enjoy a wonderful experience.

We have four branches in Shepparton, you can choose the right store near you to experience the service and feel relaxed.

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Service Hotline:0478 112 335

Address: 55 High St Shepparton VIC 3630

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